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18 Years of Top Sellers - "End of an Era"

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18 Years of Top Sellers - Let's Celebrate!

We would like to thank all of our clients - both wholesale and retail for their support over the past 18 years.  In celebration of our last year in business, we are offering up our all time top sellers for the past 18 years.  Granted, I have a hard time remembering what I had for dinner last night - but thanks to the age of the computer, we were able to trace back over the years and research our top sellers.  Whomever gets this package will be thoroughly surprised and will enjoy it to the fullest.

18 Years will be represented by the following:

Rabbit - Cut up - 2.5-2.75 Pounds each, cut into 5-6 pieces - whichever the producer felt like doing that day.  expect 2 hind 1/4's, 2 front quarters, and a saddle that will either be whole or split.  This has been a top seller in restaurants and retail from 2000 - 2017. Raised by a small producer in Menomonie, WI - All of the rabbits are All Natural and fed only alfalfa and well water.

Bogberry Salsa - Made in Lodi, WI (out in the middle of no place).  This Salsa was out first to hit our shelves in 2001 and quickly became a fan favorite as the salsa is produced using only products raised in Wisconsin - including fresh cranberries.  Though it was only a top seller for 1 year, it has always been a favorite. 16 oz. jar.

Pheasant Pot Pie - 30 oz. of pure heaven.  We discovered this gem from a local bison producer who was buying pheasant and making his own pot pies.  He ended up selling the recipe to our Pheasant producer and they improved the recipe by adding wild rice instead of potatoes and breast meat instead of leg meat.  The crust is my favorite!  It has been a top seller from 2005-2017.  (We had a Pot Pie eating contest a few years ago and our owner Steve - ate his in just under 5 minutes - this was hot off the grill as well - ouch!)

Wagyu Patties - Also known the world over as Kobe Beef.  This meat is produced on the 2nd best ranch in the world and it happens to be owned and operated by Greg Norman (The Golfer).  Fat is flavor and Wagyu Patties have a good amount of that - but will not shrink on the grill.  These 2 @ 8 oz. patties have been out selling all of our other burgers since 2005.

Frog Legs - 4-6 sets per pound, have been the juiciest ones to date.  Certainly these are not the easiest to find, but we have found a great farm in the southern part of the US that raises great quality product.  Expect approximately 1# of these scrumptious frog legs that hit an all time high in our store starting in 2009.

Buffalo Bob's Snack Sticks and Jerky - We acquired these in our store as more of a way to fill up a shelf, and did not expect them to fly off the shelf as fast as they did.  We have over 25 different kinds to choose from - so we will choose 3 randomly and include them in the package.  Since 2010 we have sold more than 100,000 of these jerky and snack sticks.

Croix Valley Sauces - The owner of this little gem of a product is Damon Holter.  He started making the product in his parents restaurant near Spooner, WI and then when the drive from Hudson, WI got to be to much, he started making the sauces in our store (I was the official taste tester) and the sauces made the all time top seller that year (2009) and then 2 years ago - he moved to a large production facility in River Falls, WI.  He produces 9 difference sauces - all of which are award winning.  We will choose 1 random flavor to accompany your order. 

A Grade Foie Gras - this is the over large liver of a duck that is used by some of the best restaurants in the world for all sorts of applications, though my favorite is to pan sear it on both sides and bring it to a medium rare, then then put it on top of fresh cut French fries with brown gravy and cheese curds  (Poutine).  We stumbled across this producer of A Grade Foie Gras (The Best) around 2010 and we have been a huge distributor of this tasty treat ever since that point.  Expect a nice slice of A Grade Foie Gras weighing approximately .15 Pounds.

Rabbit & Rattlesnake Sausage - Originally asked for by a restaurant located in Chicago in 2011 - this sausage became an internet phenomena and we have a hard time keeping it in stock in the summer.  4 @ 4 oz. links per package.

Mountain Man Salami - made using equal parts of venison, elk, caribou, bison, wild boar, and antelope - can you think of the headache involved in making this summer sausage.  We acquired this summer sausage for corporate gift boxes starting in 2011 and it has been a hit ever since.  Expect 1 @ 6 oz. Salami.

Ground Emu - This producer out of Tennessee was sought after in 2015 when we developed the Caitlyn Plan for people and animals with diet and allergy issues.  Caitlyn was bit by a deer tick many years ago and Lymes disease has reduced the amount of proteins her body can handle to 3.  That and 1-2 exotic fruits are all she can eat.  Emu is a very easily digested and lean meat that tastes like beef and is a great protein for allergy patients such as Caitlyn.  Expect 16 oz. of Ground Emu.

Wild Boar with Cranberries and Shiraz Wine Sausage - We entered into a few contracts with State Fair booths in 2016 and this sausage was the main hit.  It was also used on the Food Network and low and behold another top seller was born.  Expect 4 links/12 oz. package.

Chechil - We stumbled on this product from non other than a customer request in 2013.  95% of the products in our store and on our website are requests from our customers.  This double smoked string like cheese is best removed from the package and dried a bit prior to consumption - I dry ours for weeks and make it into jerky for hiking for fishing.  Expect 1 @ 8 oz. package.

Cheese Curds - We started receiving FRESH Cheese curds from Ellsworth Creamery on early 2016 - every Thursday morning.  They are produced Wednesday night, cooled overnight and then are packaged and picked up by St Croix Specialty and then dropped off to us early in the morning on Thursday.  Nothing is better than a fresh cheese curd - salty and squeaky.  They are best stuffed frozen into a burger prior to grilling, or breaded frozen and then deep fried or in the worst case scenario eaten right out of the bag.  The MN State Fair will sell over 60 tons of deep fried cheese curds in a little under 2 weeks.  Expect approximately 1 pound of hand packed curds.

Yep - this is one heck of a package - and whomever the recipient is - they will be very appreciative.  Most of the above items are perishable, but all of them will arrive in a cooler with gel packs and or dry ice.  If you send this as a gift, we can include a card(Just send sentiments or your message in our special message center on the check out page).  Please advise the customer not to wrap this package and place under the tree - the gift may not be edible if this occurs.  Thank you for your patronage - Have a happy and safe holiday.






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