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Shipping Policy

Shipping Policy

 Thank you for looking over our website.  If you are in this section - you are interested in how we ship all of these wonderful items.  First off, it is not easy.  Trying to make sure products arrive to you in the same fashion in which they are described on our website is a daunting task on most days.  Summer shipping is harder than shipping during the colder months of the year.  99% of all shipments will be shipped via our main shipping company(UPS), with the other 1% going on US Mail (Non Perishable ONLY - and up to the discretion of the shipping department and for orders over 100# we ship via Southwest Airlines.  During the warmer months of the year - ALL Perishable shipments will have be packed with DRY ICE - please use caution when unpacking your orders as some Dry Ice may still remain in the package upon arrival - It is very cold and will burn you!

Summer Shipping

All of our shipping methods have been changed for all states and we are now shipping UPS Ground to Tan and Yellow States and a handful of the Green States, Hot Green States, burgandy or bright orange are shipped 2 Day Air and shipping is based off of Temperatures in your region as well as weather issues occuring in and around the area. Keep in mind we will be placing dry ice in "ALL" packages.  Also remember - at no time will we ship perishable products over the weekend, so plan accordingly.  UPS GROUND - Does not deliver on the weekends!  UPS Air Does - but for an additional charge - if you absolutely need your order for Saturday delivery - please call us directly @ 800-310-2360.

Currently we do not have an option on the website for shipping via US Mail.  US Mail frowns upon shipping liquid stuff like BBQ sauces and does not ship perishable items, but seeing as how we have a good amount of items that are shelf stable, we may switch your shipping method to US Mail if you do not have any perishable items in your order.  We will then refund you the difference from your orginal shipping option that you picked to the now lesser priced US Mail option.  We will always notify you of a shipping carrier change and refund, prior to doing so.


Take NOTE:  Shipping prices may seem high, but they include our cost for DRY ICE and Insurance to ship with this dangerous coolant, as well as fuel surcharges, delivery to residential areas, and other surcharges.  Our rates change every week and if we can get a better rate than what we have quoted, we will refund the difference as well as notify you via email of this refund.  So far this year, I have refunded over $2000 in charges, which we were able to save our clients.  Thank you for reviewing our site.





Take some time to inspect all of the products that were shipped to you and compare them to your packing slip.  If there is a discrepancy, please call us within 24 hours @ 800-310-2360