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The Belt Un-Buckler Snack Box - FREE Shipping

9.00 LBS
This package is readily available and ships every day of the week including weekends.
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The Belt Un-Buckler Snack Box

Ask anyone and they will tell you that I like my snacks, jerky, ice cream, cheese - ya know - most of the items your doctor will tell you to stay away from or those items you protect with your life when your kids are roaming the kitchen looking for a snack of their own.  Not that I am territorial, well maybe a little.  Seems every time I get ahold of something really good and tasty, my kids or wife find it and it is gone before you know it.  Oreo Cookies and milk - I do not buy them anymore - I get home from work and all I have is milk and a mad face!

So I started hiding my snacks (I know - this is the first sign of a problem) in plain site - the Protein Powder Container or the vegetable drawer in the refrigerator.  Now is your time to think of where you will hide this glorious box of goodies - remember - your better half is just as guilty as the kids when it comes to eating your stuff. 

All of the items in this package are shelf stable until they are opened - and then I recommend eating them up or refrigerating them in the Vegetable drawer.

This would make for an awesome gift for yourself or a loved one or a major bribe for your boss or co-worker.  Each Belt Un-buckler comes packaged in a Medium size Priority Mail Box and can be easily gift wrapped.  Remember - no need to refrigerate this package or anything in it until they are opened.

Expect to receive/send the following:

7 Buffalo Bob Jerky - A formed and pressed jerky - you can save your teeth for some of the other jerky we have in this package.  Expect to receive 7 @ .75 oz. jerky in the following flavors:  Peppered Venison, BBQ Alligator, Ostrich, Cajun Alligator, Kangaroo, Chipotle & Garlic Bison, Wild Boar BBQ. 

11 Buffalo Bob Snack Sticks - This fella sure knows his snack sticks - expect to receive 7 @ 1 oz snack sticks - here is what to expect:  Venison Teriyaki, Pheasant, Maple Duck - (my favorite), Wild Boar BBQ, Alligator Mild, Ostrich, Cajun Alligator, Kangaroo, Peppered Elk, Venison Fire, Mild Venison

6 EMG Snack Sticks - 6 @ 1 oz. Snack Sticks in a variety of flavors from chipotle to Hickory Smoked - a small sampling of Venison, Elk and Bison are headed your way.

3 EMG Jerky - 3 @ 1 oz. Kippered (Thick and Chewy) Jerky Strips - I am a fan of all of them.  Expect to receive Venison, Elk and Bison - all Hickory Smoked.

2 Indian Valley Jerky - Straight from Alaska - 1 @ .8 oz. Elk Teriyaki Jerky and 1 @ .8 oz. Reindeer Jerky.  The reindeer jerky is by far my favorite amongst all of the jerkies.  (Secret:  I use pieces of the elk terikayi for fishing - it started as a joke and quickly became my go to in case my lures and minnows were not working up to their capabilities)

1 Many Pastures Snack Stick - Here is a fun one - 1 @ 1 oz. Jalapeno Alpaca Snack Stick - named one of the healthiest snack sticks on the market and even though it is healthy, it tastes really good - my wife plows through a case of these a month.

1 Bag of Deep Fried Peanuts - This unique snack is made using fresh peanuts right from the field, which are then washed and then deep fried in peanut oil.  The deep frying changes the molecular structure of the peanut shell, making it more like a potato chip and less stringy.  You can then eat the entire thing shell and all.  We will randomly choose  a 7 oz. bag of one of the following flavors:  Garlic, Hot, Cajun or Salted all of which are equally popular.

1 Camel Whole Muscle Jerky - made using the top round, this is true jerky - cut a little thicker than usual, so it is easier to bite off and chew.  I get a lot of compliments on this jerky saying it is the best they have ever had in regards to jerky - I do enjoy it myself.

3 EMG Game Summer Sausages - I have been involved with this producer for well over 25 years and their product is always the same - GREAT!  Expect to receive 1 @ 12 oz. Elk Summer Sausage, 1 @ 12 oz. Venison Summer Sausage, and 1 @ 10 oz. Bison Summer Sausage.

2 Indian Valley Summer Sausages - The ladies that own this facility make some of the best tasting Reindeer and Caribou Summer Sausages in Alaska.  Expect to receive 1 @ 9 oz. Hot and Spicy Reindeer Summer Sausage (I am not a fan of spicy and I cannot for the life of me figure out where they came up with hot and spicy - you be the judge) and 1 @ 9 oz. Siberian Caribou Summer Sausage.

2 HOS Summer Sausages - These are made by a friend of mine in Colorado.  I have been acquiring sausages from him for well over 15 years.  These are hit at all of our parties and dinners.  You will receive 1 @ 6 oz Wild Boar Summer Sausage and 1 @ 6 oz. Mountain Man Summer Sausage (Bison, Elk, Venison, Wild Boar, Antelope and Caribou). 

1 Dduja - This is a spreadable salami that is spiced with ghost chili peppers - but not enough to make it uncomfortable.  Great spread on crackers or toast points or my latest invention - adding it to my chili.  3 oz.

1 Uncle Pete's Mustard - This mustard is made by a small local business in St. Paul, MN.  We will randomly place in your package one of his award winning mustards.  A 3.75 oz. jar.  We have Creole or Hot and Spicy - both of which are fabulous with the summer sausages.

1 Package of Chechil - If you are not familiar with this out of the box cheese - then you soon will be - It is a string like cheese that is smoked.  Once you open the package, I recommend pulling it apart and separating the strands as much as possible.  Put it all on a plate or sheet pan and let is dry for 3-4 or more hours if you can keep your grubby paws off it that long.  The longer it dries the better it is!  Store it in a zip lock in the refrigerator. 8 oz.

21 Assorted Honey Sticks - I certainly like these instant energy honey sticks and so do a lot of other folks.  Our Fed Ex Driver goes through about 200 of these a week - he has a lot of energy!  Expect 21 different flavors - can you guess what they are?

1 Package of Candy Cigarettes - You will need to smoke a cigarette (imaginary) when you are done with this package of goodies! .42 oz.

All of these wonderful items will be packaged together in a Priority Mail Box and shipped to the destination of your choice within the USA - Hawaii and Alaska are included. 


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